“A good relationship starts with good communication.” - Unknown

On 23 November 2021, the students of classes IV A & B along with their class teachers, Ms Tincy Kaur and Ms Anupriya Choudhary respectively, collaborated virtually with students in Vietnam and their teacher Ms. Sandy Nguyen.

The students on both sides were equally excited. The Vietnamese children shouted out a “Ch`ao” while as our children returned the greeting with “Namaste”. Soon after, Modabera Aftab of class 4 sang a song  ‘Hello to all the children of the world’, as a greeting to all the diverse peoples of the world. 

Mesmerised by the enchanting song, the students cheered for the next round which was a presentation by Akshat Tiwari. He narrated a folk tale from the Panchatantra, ‘The Mongoose and the Farmer’s Wife’ which left all in awe.

To showcase Indian culture and cuisine, our children presented a skit. The performance was cleverly scripted with the importance of sweet in our cuisine brought out with a pun!

It was now the turn of the Vietnamese children who presented a day in their daily lives- their daily routines, dining etiquettes, meals etc.They introduced themselves and shared their likes and dislikes.  One of the students, Nguyen Minh, showcased an astounding sketch of his hometown. He described the day to day activities of the place with animation.

Both sides were curious to know more about the new cultures they were introduced to. Bui Doc Thou, shared a family picture and spoke about her love for her family. Later, Yen Nguyen described Vietnamese cuisine.

The session came to an end as Suryanshi of class 4 sang the timeless “ Una paloma blanca” filling the hearts of all with happiness and joy. Ms. Ngygen appreciated our students on their fluency in English and said that they look forward to interacting again.

Both sides reluctantly waved goodbyes promising to meet again with more to share.