“Recognizlse that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.” - Shep Hyken

On 22 November 2021, the students of class IV A along with their class teacher Ms Tincy Kaur got an opportunity to interact with the students of Novomikhailovsky State Secondary School #35 and their teacher Ms Maria Karanina in Krasnoyarsk City in the Tuapse district of Russia. The session took place virtually over the Zoom platform.

The students of both schools were exhilarated as they greeted each other. Soon after, Aahil Shafiq introduced our School and spoke about the different initiatives that students have undertaken for conserving nature. He gave the examples of water harvesting and encouraging a plastic free environment. 

Hitaishi Pawar narrated a value-based story, “The Ant and the Elephant”. The presentation seem to clasp the attention of the young viewers as they listened carefully. The story taught about practicing equality and an unbiased behaviour towards all beings. Ms Karanina translated the story in Russian for her students because English is their second language.

To introduce the audience with the essence of Indian culture and tradition, Yash Shandilya described the major festivals celebrated in India in a captivating power point presentation. Avni Singh added a pinch of flavour by describing popular Indian delicacies.

Our Russian pals across the screen along with their teacher told us a story about the “Little Round Bun”. It was about how the little bun was tricked by the fox and finally eaten by him. This taught the important  lesson that we must always stay alert and not get carried away by false praise.

The virtual room was filled with joy and applause for the captivating story narrated by the partner school. Undoubtedly, the enthusiasm of both the schools was contagious and lifted the environment.

After the half hour-long interaction, the students of both schools bid adieu with an assurance to meet again with other exciting stories and more information about their countries and and cultures.