On 19 December 2020, the students of class I C accompanied by their class teacher Ms Shikha Yadav had an interactive storytelling session with Ms Nazdezhda Ivanova, an educator from Russia.

The session commenced with an exchange of traditional greetings with each other. An excited ‘namaste’ was exchanged with ‘privet’, meaning Hello in Russian!


Ms. Ivanova then introduced the young Foundationers to a few Russian folktales and chose the classic Russian story, ‘Repka- the Turnip’, for the session which she beautifully presented through a presentation on Sway.

This was followed by a quiz where the students were asked questions relating to the folktale. Ms ¹Ivanova ended the session with a presentation on common words used in Russian and demonstrated how to
pronounce these correctly. It was interesting to observe the extent of eagerness amongst the students to know and learn more about Russia.

As Christmas was around the corner, Ms Ivanova and the Foundationers shared how the festival is celebrated in their respective countries as also their plans for the new year.

The session concluded with a dance performance by the Foundationers to the popular song ‘We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year’ surprising everyone with their creative moves. Ms Ivanova applauded the efforts and appreciated how the students at our school are taught to imbibe and accept cultural diversity.

The delightful session ended with an adieu and a promise to meet again.