Education is a serious endeavour which profoundly influences the lives of its recipients. Humour is an important part of life in general and education in particular and there is value in understanding its role within the learning process.

Keeping the above in mind, on 29 June 2020, The Foundation School and The Indian School collaborated to organise an online workshop on ‘Humour in Education’, presented by comedian and inspirational speaker, Ms Ritu Vasu Primlani.

The role of humour in education is acknowledged by many teachers as a significant tool in designing and providing instruction, behaviour management, personally coping with stress and in maintaining enthusiasm in a demanding profession. Many teachers see the use of humour as emerging from their personalities and experience rather than from any formal or well-defined understanding of humour processes. This view appears to be the result of several factors specifically stating that humour theory is not well-represented in educational publications and its level of recognition amongst educators as a formal area of study is not high.

Our speaker of the day elucidated the significant role that humour plays in the dynamics of the classroom, namely the teacher-student and student-student relationships. To add more, the speaker also justified through teachers’ responses, how humour inbounds creativity and enables analytical thinking by sparking the elements of brainstorming and sprouting active indulgence.

The speaker underlined the concept of Gestures and Language of Approval as a significant tool to stimulate student’s participation and for identifying gifted children.

The valuable session demonstrated that a teacher’s humour filled classroom will propel a multi-ended development in each child. It will trigger the 3D-ecstatic experience by being firm and approachable at the same time.