Learning never ceases at The Foundation School and that goes for the teachers too! Ms. Shivani Kaushik and Ms. Agrima Sardana of English Department, attended a workshop titled ‘Sparkle with Debating Skills’. The workshop was held on 11th January, 2020, Saturday at the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. The resource person was Ms. Kiran Misra. The workshop was initiated with Ms. Misra introducing herself and breaking the ice. She spoke about the importance of debating skills in shaping a student’s character. She said that the teacher should be open to listening to the opinions and ideas of students and to reason with them. Also the various basics required for debate like voice modulation, engaging the listeners with a clever play of words and gestures etc. Next, was a round of demonstrations of the various debating styles. She explained each style and demonstrated it.

She explained the kind of intelligence each taps on, the body language differences etc. Debate styles such as Tag Team Debate, Motion of the House style, Boxing Match Debate, Rebuttal Tennis Style and so many more were discussed. To conclude the workshop, Ms. Misra prompted the members in the audience to debate with each other using alternate styles.