“Sustainability is not a goal to be reached, but a way of thinking, a way of being, a principle we must be guided by.”

As governments and communities address the challenges of COVID 19, there are valuable lessons that are beingcollectively learnt. It is evident now that the health of our economy, our people and the environment are closely linked. Once the world overcomes the worst of the pandemic, a key part of rebuilding, will be the need to embrace and integrate in our daily lives, the invaluable Sustainable Development Goals and their practices.

The 3  R’s of Sustainability - Reduce , Reuse and Recycle can result in the development of extremely innovative, attractive and useful products. Rather than sending such waste to landfills, a  better alternative is to apply creativity and innovation to produce something of utility and novelty. 

Keeping this in mind, The Foundation School organised an online inter school competition ‘The 3 R’s Mission!’ based on the theme – Best of Waste.


Students trained themselves to reuse and recycle items that are discarded in the usual course. Things like lids, string, paper cartons, egg trays, cups, broken toys, bottles, and pieces of cloth, newspaper, used charts and so many other items which are treated as waste were set to be transformed using innovation and creativity!

As per the rules of the competition, the participants were to prepare models using waste materials available at home and record videos describing what they did with an explanation of how the 3 R’s were incorporated. The last date for submission of the entries was 23 August, 2020.

More than 15 schools participated in the event which was divided in two categories, Category 1 – classes 3-5 and Category 2 – classes 6- 8. Not only were the models that were showcased, creative and stimulating, but each model was meticulously prepared ensuring that the theme was embedded in a unique way.

Students prepared some amazing models like the multipurpose carton shelf, the innovative manual washing machine, an eco cooler using cut plastic bottles, the bird feeder, coconut planter, insect hotel etc.

The event was judged primarily by a team of experts from Swechha  the noted youth-led youth-run organisation (NGO) dedicated to enabling people to ‘Be the Change'. Its mission is to make a visible difference to the environment- both physically and socially. 

It was very heartwarming to see how the students had dedicated themselves to put their best foot forward and give the global concern its deserved attention. The judges complimented the student’s innovative and inspiring work. The results were announced on the School website.  

The value thus learnt is not only of economic and material value but one that deeply ingrains an enduring sensitivity for the environment, a quality desperately required to save our Mother Earth today.

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