Ignorance is the worst plague of all, and blindness destroys all living creatures on our planet and in people’s hearts. 

On 12 December 2020, the students of class IC accompanied by their class teacher Ms Shikha Yadav participated in a global classroom with Mr Kohei Nakashima, teacher at the Toyota Minami High School, in Aichi , Japan. A group of students and teachers from various cities of the world participated in the session. 

The exchange commenced with a warm welcome by Mr Nakashima, who introduced himself. After this, the participants along with their teachers were assigned different online rooms to discuss the topic ‘Be A HERO for Marine Life.’ 

Keeping the SDGs in mind, the students were guided to discuss the problems and concerns of conserving and nurturing marine life. All participants enthusiastically shared ideas to tackle issues of the ocean. Measures required to counter and defeat the effects of plastic pollution on marine life were discussed.  

Mr Nakashima was very impressed with the lively and energetic young learners, as they answered all his questions to them, with ease and confidence and also volunteered creative ideas to protect aquatic life.

The session was lively and interactive and provided a platform to prompt and showcase creative thinking skills amongst young children to help bring a positive impact on society and the world at large.