‘Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. It’s a way to give you something without losing anything.'

On November 12, 2021, the students of class 3B along with their class teacher, Ms Neeti Gupta attended a collaborative session with Ms Hien Nguyen, an educator from the Maya School in Hanoi, Vietnam. The topic  of the session was ‘Places and Animals.’

The students had fun guessing the  names of the countries to which their counterparts belong in the game of ‘Mystery places’! Both sides offered  clues about their cities, animals, national symbols etc. After guessing the countries accurately, the students of class 3 greeted and introduced themselves to their peers across the screen with the traditional Indian ‘ namaskaar’. Likewise, the students in Hanoi, warmly returned the greeting with ‘Loi Chao’ and introduced themselves.

The children played the ‘Mystery Animal’ game with hints and pictures. They also played a game of quizzes about continents and places. The group discussed the differences in the time zones between India and Vietnam. They shared their favourite delicacies too. They were delighted to have met and interacted with each other. .

The students got a precious  opportunity to participate in this exchange and to explore a different culture. The session concluded with a promise to meet again.