No matter how old one is, listening to stories is always engaging!  The students of classes 4 and 5 attended the International Storytellers Festival held at Sunder Nursery. The festival was organised by Kathakar on 14 th October’19.

Since it was the first  day of School after the autumn break,  the students declared that there couldn’t have been a better way to welcome them back! Brimming with excitement they boarded the bus and reached the venue. The festival had storytellers from all over the world. Jerzy Szufa from Poland, Ron Murray from Australia, Rashmi Mann from India, Uncle Lary Walsh from Australia and Emilia Raiter from Poland were some of the renowned  participants at the festival. The kids loved the stories. They enjoyed the story of the two misers narrated by Rashmi Mann and  also loved the story narrated by Ron Murray. His story was accompanied by the use of an Australian aboriginal musical instrument called the Digeridoo. The students also had a chance to interact with Lary Walsh. They went up to him and shared their views about his story and also asked him about how frequently he visits India!  It was indeed a proud moment to see the confidence and curiosity of the kids.


Once the sessions were over there was still a while for the buses to come. Our students decided to make the most of the opportunity. We went for a walk around the nursery. Kids were thrilled, exploring the different corners, observing the monuments, reading  the names of the different plants and trees. They also strolled down to the small lake. Who knew that this group of little enthusiasts would turn a storytelling session into a nature walk!

Outings  like these definitely add to a child’s exposure and help in confidence building. Each time they go out, it is wonderful to see how they become a lot more responsible; the great concern they show for one another by ensuring that no one is left behind.The class 5 students ensured that every child went accompanied to the water station/washroom. They walked in pairs sharing and discussing their experiences. It was a  joy to see our “once upon a time” little ones grow up to be such good young adults.

Finally  it was time to return. The day was great and the session was enjoyed not just by the students but also helped teachers to learn various story telling techniques which we hope to use with our students.

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