Although mental health is a fundamental component of overall health, the recognition of mental disorders and an awareness about its importance is limited. Stigma and a lack of understanding about mental disorders are major barriers to seeking help and promoting better mental health.Mental health promotion involves actions that improve psychological well being.

Keeping in mind that that overall fitness requires a person to remain stable mentally, The Foundation School held a webinar on the subject of mental health’ on 11 December 2020, for our parents by mental health activist, Mr Mirdul Trehan.

Mr Trehan initiated the session by sharing that every parent feels responsible about being a good ( or better) parent to his or her child in order to provide the best environment for the growth of the child. However, the importance of this gets overlooked in the midst of day to day preoccupations with the family etc. Here it becomes even more vital that the parents must make the time to keep themselves mentally and physically fit, as they are the providers of the family.

When speaking of staying healthy we need to keep in mind that we must address not only the symptoms, but also identify the root cause of the problem. 

To elaborate upon this, Mr Trehan told the wonderful story of Albert Einstein where Einstein spoke about how one needs to turn off the tap first in order to drain the water in a bucket!

Mr Trehan also spoke about the four pillars of remaining healthy, namely, 8 hours of sleep, Vitamin D through sunlight, nutritious food and exercise of at least 5 times a week.

The mental health of a child is directly proportional to the mental health of his or her parent. Just the way a parent makes a conscious effort to ensure that the child grows up to live to the best of his or her capabilities, he or she must also work on ensuring that the child's mental health is well looked after. We can always take baby steps leading us to our goals.

In the end, the parents clarified their doubts on the subject, to which Mr Trehan answered elaborately, complete with stories that the parents could easily relate with.

Overall it was an educative session which was very relevant and useful.