On 8 March 2021, the teachers of The Foundation School attended a virtual webinar titled ‘ Stress Management  With Brain Gym Exercises  ’ organised  by SIP Abacus.  The aim of this webinar on the occasion of Women's Day was to relax and indulge the teachers who are our frontline warriors.

The session commenced  with a welcome address. The speaker highlighted how the pandemic has triggered an unprecedented use of technology in the teaching and learning process. While the teachers learned the systems for delivering virtual learning, these online classrooms also opened a world of opportunities to re-imagine what learning can look like in the years to come. 


The session by Dr. Rashmi Jain , Bhama Shah awardee, suggested tips from naturopathy  for a healthy lifestyle. She discussed that stress management can be greatly alleviated with good time management. Dr. Jain explained how a  stressful situation can trigger feelings of depression which make it more difficult to deal with stress.

She elucidated that we should accept what indeed will happen and try to take the best of it. She suggested various easy techniques to manage stress like a good haircut, spending time with nature, having a good laugh  spending time with children, having a foot bath, surrounding oneself with soothing  colours like green, pink, white and yellow and spending time  with family and friends.

In the next segment of the webinar, Ms. Roma Nihalni , certified Brain  Gym practitioner and teacher trainer,  shared a power point presentation on the basic functioning of the brain. She pointed out the challenges that a teacher faces on an everyday basis and suggested ways of dealing with them.

Ms. Nihalani suggested the Brain Gym exercise, ‘ PACE ’ i.e.  Drinking  Energisers , the Clearing Brain Button, Cross Crawls  and Hook ups  for positive thinking. All these exercises activate the brain for learning readiness and increase the oxygen in the blood stream. The underlying idea of these exercises is to use physical movement to access the different parts of the brain which in turn works on behaviour, comprehension or retention, organisation, executive function and communication.

She demonstrated the Owl’s Hoot  and the Shoulder Roll exercise for relaxation in between long hours of paper checking.  She elucidated that deep breathing accompanied by pressing points are a great combination.

The session concluded with Ms. Nihalni answering queries posed by the attendees. The webinar was very informative and the teachers had a rejuvenating experience attempting the various exercises. The session gave the participants an  opportunity to learn how to manage stress in their daily lives.