‘With a million species facing extinction, there has never been a more important time to focus on biodiversity’.

The Foundation School observed ‘World Environment Day’ on 5 June 2020 with a webinar by noted environmentalist, Mr. Vimlendu Jha, for the students of classes VII and VIII.

World Environment Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it. The webinar aimed at raising awareness about the significance of a healthy environment and the need to take positive environmental action.

Mr Jha, a leading activist and social entrepreneur, is known for his innovative, unconventional approaches to contemporary environmental and social issues. In 2020, he founded Swechha – a youth-run NGO operating in Delhi which focuses on environment and social development.

The topic discussed during the webinar was ‘India’s environment’. Air and water pollution, deforestation, AQI (Air Quality Index), benefits to the environment during the lockdown, climate change, causes of frequent earthquakes and cyclones.

The webinar provided a platform to converge, introspect and interact with the expert on environment. It also contributed to an engaging learning environment. Apart from converging ideas and a thought-provoking discourse, the knowledge webinar also witnessed an afternoon filled with refreshing activities on the occasion of World Environment Day.

In conclusion was a Question and Answer session where students enthusiastically asked questions which were answered patiently by Mr Jha. The students took a pledge to save their precious Mother Earth by growing more trees and staying away from single-use plastic.
The event succeeded at strengthening the mental fabric of the awakened young minds present at the webinar.

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