On 22 January 2021, four students of class VII, along with their teacher, Ms. Tincy Kaur participated in an online workshop on the issue of conserving nature. The workshop was organised by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) online and was conducted by a Chintan (NGO) representative, Ms Rachel Ann Kerr. With over 80 participants from various schools of the capital, the engaging session revolved around unravelling the present condition of the environment .

Ms Kerr not just enlightened the students about the impact of plastic on the environment but also guided the children about the alternatives to reduce the use of it.

The session began with an interactive question and answer round where Ms Kerr quizzed the children on their knowledge of the environment, asking about the factors that have led to the increase in the use of plastic over the years. Through her powerful narration and presentation, she helped the children realise the harmful effects of plastics on humans, animals and water bodies. What made the session even more interactive was when the students were asked to define microplastics, and they volunteered varying answers. They were stupefied by the fact that humans consume microplastic present in the air daily!

Ms. Kerr shared about the inclusion of plastic in the food chain and how humans ultimately consume it reluctantly. She also shared with the students some heart wrenching pictures of animals that die because of our negligence and cruelty.

The two hours long session not just acquainted the students with lesser known facts about plastics but also helped them discover substitutes such as cloth for make bags, masks etc., to resist the usage of plastics. Ms Kerr also introduced the students to information regarding colour dustbins, the three R’s and their significance. 

Later, the students appreciated the initiative of Chintan and took a pledge to stop the use of plastic. Lastly, Ms. Purnima Dutta, Director- INTACH, familiarised students with guidelines and topics for a related project report.

Struck by the information about the damage being done by plastics, our young Foundationers took a decision to conserve, care and protect nature to the very best extent they can and create awareness in their communities about the same.