A workshop on Road Safety was conducted for the staff on 19th Sep. 2019  by the Delhi Police as a part of an ongoing 'School Road Safety Awareness'  drive. The workshop was held to raise an awareness of the new rules, regulations and safety norms to be followed by pedestrians as well as drivers.

Mr. Sunil Kumar head constable, spoke, urging each one to follow the traffic rules to ensure personal safety as well as the safety of our loved ones. He then handed over to Mr. Santosh Kumar, Traffic Inspector, Greater  Kailash Circle to take over. Mr .Kumar asked questions pertaining to road signs, symbols, traffic lights, the wearing of helmets and seatbelts. He interspersed the session with jokes and rewards of caps of different colours for answering questions correctly! We were shown photographs of some horrific road accidents in India. He explained the reasons behind these accidents and suggested measures that could’ve taken to avoid the same. Some of the pictures sent shivers down our spines!


The speakers presented shocking statistics connected with road rage. They made participants aware about the newly passed Road Safety Juvenile Driving Laws. According to the recently implemented Road Safety Bill 2016 the guardian /owner shall be deemed guilty in cases of offences by juveniles and the juvenile shall be tried under the JJ Act.

The session wrapped up with a short quiz in which every teacher participated enthusiastically. Our questions were promptly answered by members of the team who shared telephone numbers and email addresses and encouraged us to send pictures of those found violating traffic rules. We were assured that the sender’s details would remain confidential.

The workshop helped to spread mindfulness and motivate the participants to be traffic ambassadors who shall further spread the message of obeying traffic rules and ensuring road safety.