Every year 3rd March is observed  as World Wildlife Day to celebrate our biodiversity and to raise awareness of the threat of the imminent extinction of certain species of animals and plants. This year's theme is "Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet".

The occasion was observed with a lot of enthusiam. An educational video was shared with the little children of Pre-School. Th3 video focused on protecting the endangered species. The children participated in a short discussion in which they expressed their thoughts on the subject. A craft activity ession was conducted in the online class in which the children printed animal faces using finger impressions.


The students of Pre Primary were educated on the role of forests, forest species and ecosystems in sustaining the livelihoods of millions of people. Students were shown pictures of various endangered animals and a discussion was held on the role of these animals in protecting our ecosystems.

The students actively participated in the discussion and volunteered ideas on things they can do to lend their support for the protection of animals.

They crafted bookmarks and stick puppets of the endangered species in their craft session.

Overall, it was a very enriching day for the little ones as they appreciated the need to preserve our biodiversity for the safety of their futures.